Journal: Prince Siegfried Wears Prada

The wise thing to do.

Definitely life is unpredictable, I couldn’t be more sure about that fact on this present day. You try to pan your life living from one dream to another and sometimes neither or those come true or maybe just some of them do.

I can say that my life at the moment has taken a 180 degree turn in a complete different direction of what I thought I would see myself at my age, right now. There’s a lot of good in my life right now, but there is a lot that still needs to happen.

Patience has never been one of my virtues. Yes, call me a total millennial and you’ll get the jackpot. Either way, I think I have been patient for the most part. I have been trying to find some sort of purpose, something to do with my life in this time I call ‘the never-ending queue’. It definitely leads somewhere, but where does it lead me? Should I stop dreaming? Should I keep dreaming of something that maybe isn’t going to happen? What would be the wise thing to do?

Alberto BlancoComment