Journal: Prince Siegfried Wears Prada

Where is our respect for the past?

Sometimes your life gets to a point in which you don't really know what to do. In the outside I seem happy but somewhere inside my body there is something wrong. Some part of me that needs to come out and express its full intensity. That intensity lays deep down in my art. The artist that I have inside is done with nonsense and shot guns on the head to what I call art. This artist is tired of people stepping on the art -which I have deep in my heart- with no care and no respect for the tradition and the past.
I am totally pro innovation. I love new works and remakes of old ballets and revivals but we need to not alter the masterpieces with ignorance. I call for people to do their research and really learn and know about the ballets they are pursuing to revive. Of course there is thousands of different versions of the same ballet, but the soul of that ballet has to survive some way, so the newer generations -and I include myself in this group- can feel it and can learn from it.

We live in the decade of ignorance. Where people talk about anything they can without even knowing a single word about, but maybe a dropped article in their news feed in whatever kind of social media they are in. I am tired of this. I am tired of having to do things to which I completely disagree and to which I feel like their creators will be rolling their eyes in their tombs.

We have to pay more attention to the things we put on stage. Then we act surprised when a show is not selling in a certain city or time, when we haven't even asked our audiences what they want to see. But of course, we act like we are doing a lot for this community. I'm sorry but the answer is no. Stop caring about yourselves so much and start caring about the art form which is the only important thing. I want to be in a place where sales don't matter, where the only thing important is to put on a good show no matter how many people is going to upset or please.

Alberto BlancoComment