Journal: Prince Siegfried Wears Prada


As an artist, a big word that often comes up in my mind is the word inspiration. Mainly in how to find it and how to cultivate it so basically you never run out of it.

I find inspiration in many thing. Recently I have been mostly focusing all my energy and mind in becoming a better teacher. Becoming aware of my students’ needs is something I find extremely important. I always tell myself that if they aren’t progressing or they are executing steps wrong it is mostly my fault and I always try to coma back the next day with new ideas on how to explain the execution of a step or the transition of a proper port de bras, an accent in a step, etc… But I must also say that a lot of times it is the students that are actually teaching me something, and sometimes those little things become very inspiring. They push me to be a better teacher not only for myself and my career but for them. They are there everyday trying so hard to perfect their technique and some days are always more frustrating that others, specially when you are having trouble with a certain step or coordination.

Another thing that really inspires me is music. Whenever I am in a weird (I don’t want to say bad) mood, music always somehow changes it. Classical music or something on the emotional side always wake up my feelings and bring me back to whatever my focus needs to be on.

Everyday I try to find different ways of being better at whatever I can in regards of my life and my career: as a dancer, teacher and choreographer sometimes.

What are your ways of finding inspiration?