Journal: Prince Siegfried Wears Prada

To fight or to not fight?

Sometimes I don’t understand peoples decisions. I am not necessarily trying to imply that their decisions are wrong or incorrect but just usual. I have recently experienced some events (not personal to me, thank goodness) that just simply don’t click in my head as of why those decisions were made.

If something or someone is helping, let’s say, an organization why wouldn’t you want that to still be part of it? Why make sudden changes with no base whatsoever on the matter? Sometimes I wonder if in this world we are valued for what we bring to it and how we do it or simply by who we are or the size of our wallet. Why do people with a big wallet get to control everything? Why isn’t anybody questioning their actions?

In this day and age I think it is very important that we start standing up for ourselves and figuratively fighting for what is right. It is true that we cannot fight every single battle but for me this past year has made me realize I don’t necessarily have to go against everyone that I think did me wrong but to step on the other side and make changes towards the people that were in my position and actually protect them from whatever adversities or injustices they might encounter on their path.